Article Marketing – A Powerful Tool

There are many, many benefits to be gained from Article Marketing, these include but are not limited to: establishing yourself as an Author, branding yourself as an expert in your field, lead generation, an increase in traffic to your website, improvement in search engine ranking of you website. It is also becoming one of the major tools for doing business on the WEB. Article marketing is also becoming a successful way of increasing the link popularity of your website, it also allows you to compete with the big boys in your field without their massive advertising budgets.

When writing the article it is necessary that you to choose a topic that is very closely related to your business, without turning it into a sales page. If the content is good then the reader will have a better disposition to click on the link you provide in the resource box where you can then send them to a sales page, or wherever. It is these clicks that will provide your website with target traffic, after all they have read your article and what to know more.

There are hundreds of free article submission sites on the internet, which allow you to post your article for free, some even provide you with software to help in the process. To get you article approved you must abide by the sites guidelines, i.e. correct spelling grammar etc. Once approved these sites make you articles available for publication in ezines and for use by other webmasters. This means that you link will appear on other sites with out you having to spend a lot of time begging for links, reciprocal or not, buying text links, or spending a lot of time posting ads on the free link farms, which are quickly becoming unpopular with the readers and even more so with the search engines. Writing your own articles is becoming the fastest and cheapest way to see results for you efforts.

Article marketing is probable the best way of getting free targeted traffic to your website, but only if done properly. Also you will need to submit articles regularly and frequently for it to be successful. It doesn’t matter whether you are a brand new business on the web, or an old established offline company with an offline presence, article marketing can lead to new customers. However this needs to be done inline with a larger and comprehensive SEO strategy, to be truly effective. The goal of any business is to increase it’s customer base and it’s profits and Article marketing is a good tool to use to achieve this.