Update on does your pc have spare capacity

A couple of months ago I posted on here about my installation of Gomez peer as a way to generate some income and said I would report back my findings so here goes.

1 Gomez Peer is very simple to install and runs in the background and as far as I could tell does not affect the running of the pc.

2. You need to run the peer for at least 14 days before you will be accepted for payments.

3. You earn money in two ways, a) running the peer on your machine and b) recruiting others. However if you are not approved by the month end any monies earned in that month from peer activity are lost.

4. I have run the peer for over three months and have not been approved so all the monies I had earned were lost.

5. I send a number of support emails and did not receive a single reply.

Given 4 and 5 I have therefore decided to cancel my membership and uninstall the software from my machine. I still believe that the concept is good and that you could earn some money from this, but the company needs to improve its cumminications with members.

3 Responses to “Update on does your pc have spare capacity”

  1. Thanks for the update, Simon. It’s always useful to know when something doesn’t end up being as good as we’d hoped, as well as knowing when things do!

    Enjoy the journey.


  2. Hi Simon, fairplay to you for letting everyone know about the lack of communication. I personaly find it hard to swollow when these people just ignore us. I answer every email that comes to my business email address and will continue communications until my customer is satisfied or refunded.

    By the way I’ve just uploaded a video to my blog that may be of use to you. I show you an easy way to cloak your affiliate links and supply the software to do so.

    Pop over and see if it’s of any use to you.

    Regards, Barry Wells

  3. Thanks for sharing you experience so that we can avoid the scam.

    Albert Lee