High Denisity Gardening

This post is a little different from the others I have posted here, in that it is to do about gardening, or specifically growing your own food.  To me there is nothing better than the taste of REAL fresh vegetables, I am not talking about those “Fresh” Vegetables you get in the supermarket all the year round which could have travelled many thousands of miles before they land on the shelves.  No I am talking about the ones that travel just a few yards from your garden to your kitchen and are eaten the day they are picked.


The trouble with growing vegetables in the traditional manner is that it can take up a lot of room and requires a fair amount of effort, so unless you have a large garden that you can transform part of into a vegetable plot or can get hold of an allotment, you are pretty well left with buying from the supermarkets or markets. Well the other day I cam across an E-Book that turns that on its head, the author Ric Wiley, has been using a method of gardening that does not require the large space and the high levels of time and effort.  This is the High Density gardening method and in his E-book Ric shows us how to use this method to have fresh vegetables all year round and how to harvest up to 4 different crops from the each mini plot of land in a year, with no back breaking digging, minimal effort and only a few hours of work a week.


By following the principals of High Density Gardening you cut out the in-organic agri-business practices and the vast quantities of herbicides and pesticides they use, and avoid all the potential health risks these chemicals may pose.



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  1. Interesting link, Simon, thanks for this.

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