Is It Just Me?

Is it just me? or is there now a whole bunch of people trying to sell their latest product on how to get 16,000 twitter followers in the next 90 days. Then if you buy their product you are told that by putting a link into your direct message that you send when some one is kind enough to follow you, that you will make money from it.

Now am I not knocking this concept, how can I when I have bought and used one of these products myself, (yet to make a single sale), but if everyone starts to use these products twitter will become no more than an automated posting ground and no will be using it for true communication.

For me these systems are very good at getting your followers up to a reasonable number quickly, but like everything in life you need to put in the human aspect and actually tweet yourself on a regular basis and not rely purely on the “automated” systems, because if everyone only relied on the automated systems no one would actually be reading your tweets. Which in the end does no one any good.

If you do use one of these systems please also put in some human activity, it makes so much more sense to do so as you can build up a much more loyal following.

Have a great day and enjoy your twittering.

One Response to “Is It Just Me?”

  1. Hey Simon, thanks for this. I totally agree that it can all become very impersonal. I also implemented a twitter format that should have given me some HUGE amount of followers very quickly. I seem to have stuck on four hundred and something and haven’t moved off it for weeks.

    Enjoy the journey.