The Amazing Power of Articles to Drive Traffic to Websites

Most experienced marketers are in awe of the amazing power of articles.

Distributed in a consistent and structured submission pattern, they provide a force to drive insane amounts of traffic to any website.

And yet some online enthusiasts shy away from article submission in the mistaken belief that the process is tedious and time consuming whereas nothing could be further from the truth.

Certainly there is something of a learning curve to be negotiated in the matter of creative writing but with the amount of assistance available online nowadays, that is not a problem for anyone requiring tuition.

A sound practice for beginners is to examine how knowledgeable writers tackle the procedure.

1.    How they craft compelling headlines
2.    How they relate the story seamlessly from the start to the finish
3.    How they interlace the text with core keywords
4.    How they break up forbidding blocks of copy with bullet points and numbers
5.    How they use short chunky paragraphs for ease of reading
6.    How they couch the all-important resource box

Studying the output of experienced practitioners opens the gateway to the prime source of creative writing in its application to article composition.

Twenty six funny looking little characters that come together to provide 1984 pages of The Chambers Dictionary with 300,000 word definitions and 215,000 references; they are the fodder for countless millions of letters, books, poems, plays, and articles down the ages and in perpetuity.

They are the colors in the virtual paint box that can be mixed and matched to produce hundreds of thousands of words to communicate and illuminate thousands of online articles.


No one can steal a march on beginners when they use these characters creatively and wisely; no one can cheat by adding to or subtracting from the list. And no one can staunch their creativity when beginners capitalize on the amazing power of words to compose articles.

There is no gain without some pain but here is what is in store for beginners who take the trouble to master article composition and distribution:

– Articles establish writers as experts in their particular areas of skill

– Articles help increase sales

– Articles generate floods of website traffic

– Articles increase Google Page Rank

– Articles to boost Alexa ratings

Of equal significance to the aspiring article writer is the choice of submission software; choose the right one and success in attracting traffic is all but guaranteed; chose the wrong one and the result could labelling as an amateur – or worse still, a spammer.

Jim Green is an online enthusiast and bestselling author with an ever-growing string of niche non-fiction hard copy titles to his credit. He has thousands of articles circulating in cyberspace.

3 Responses to “The Amazing Power of Articles to Drive Traffic to Websites”

  1. Hi I thought I would pop by your blog and say hello!

    I am in John Thornhill’s Masterclass for this year and am enjoying it very much indeed. How did you find it last year?

    If you need any help with Twitter just let me know as I am very active there and help a lot of people.

    Hope to speak to you soon.

    All the best
    Keith Dean

  2. Hi Simon,

    Great post, I like the thread of the blog right now. Articles are so powerful in many ways.

    Enjoy the journey.


  3. Hi Simon,

    I submit my articles manually now, just to the top 10 which is where 85% of the traffic comes from.

    By submitting to hundreds of directories you do get the links but low quality ones.

    What are your thoughts on this?

    Best regards,

    Howard 🙂