Employing A Writer To Produce Your Articles

If you are a webmaster who is interested in using articles to promote your website, then you will either have the option of writing the articles yourself or employing a writer to produce your articles in exchange for a fee. The latter works very well if you are not a natural-born writer yourself or simply don’t have the time to devote to writing and research. The majority of webmasters are very busy just trying to keep their website updated, operating correctly, answering e-mails and accepting orders. With that being said, there are a number of terrific writers who are looking for employment opportunities. In addition, there are several tips to help you select the perfect one.

Before employing a writer to produce your articles, it is a good idea to request a resume and/or sample of their work. The resume is beneficial for the obvious reasons and the writing sample will give you an excellent idea as to their writing style and whether it will suit your business needs. The next step will be to determine a fair compensation amount and an agreement on payment terms. For example, once you agree to a payment amount, will that be paid in full upfront, at the completion of the project or does the writer require a deposit upfront with the remaining balance due upon completion? Depending on the writer, fees and payment structures may vary greatly. For reasons of expense, it is a good idea to hire only the writer(s) that you can afford. A clear agreement on payment terms will make for a happy and lasting business relationship.

When employing a writer to produce your articles, it is a good idea to explain exactly the type of article content that you are looking for. How many words should the article include? What subject will the article cover? How much research, if any, do you prefer that the writer conduct? If you have any ideas or thoughts on exactly how you want the content structured, be sure to let the writer know upfront. In addition, if you have a specific deadline or just prefer to get the job completed quickly, be sure to inform the writer so that he/she can deliver the work on time. One of the most important thing to look for, when employing a writer to produce your articles, is dependability.

If you have decided that employing a writer to produce your articles is the best approach for your business, then try and select one or several good writers and build an ongoing working relationship with them. It is good to work with a variety of writers but, if you work with too many, the content of the articles will each sound so different that it may become obvious that multiple people are producing the work. If you are promoting your website, then you will want the articles to sound consistently similar so that there aren’t a lot of different styles of writing.

Employing a writer to produce your articles will save you a lot of time that may be otherwise spent promoting your website, developing new ideas and preparing for new changes. Whether you aren’t a writer by nature or simply don’t have the time, employing a writer to produce your articles will make your strategy for article marketing a lot easier. For further information visit http://www.real-articles.com

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  1. Good post, Simon. You can also go by personal recommendation. I got someone that way and am very happy with the result.

    Enjoy the journey.


  2. Hi Simon, great post with some sound advice.

    I sometimes struggle to write quality articles, and have been thinking of outsourcing them for sometime. I will look into your recommendation and see where it leads me, thanks. (the link isn’t clickable by the way).

    Have you heard of the 100 blog comment challenge.

    A group of us from th MC forum are trying to get 100 bloggers to interact with each others blogs, commenting and bookmarking, which helps for google ranking and building relationships etc ra ra ra.

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    It would be really good if you could get involved Simon, we’ve invited some experienced bloggers that have agreed to join in. This could really be a benefit to us all,
    I hope you can Simon, Barry

  3. Hi Simon,
    I was very interested to read your post about hiring the services of a ghost writer, as I have done just that. She is a terrific writer and she came very highly recommended to me as well. I am pleased to have found her as a good writer is like trying to find gold. Keep up the good work with your online endeavours and I will pop by again to see how you are doing.

  4. Hi Simon:

    Very enlightening. What is the average cost of a writer for article writing? If your going to use a writer often, it may be cheaper to have him/her on retainer.


  5. Hi Simon,

    Great post on outsourcing your article writing. With everything required to launch and support an online business, it makes sense to hire some expert help along the way. We ceratinly do spend a great deal of time writing – don’t we?

    How is your JTMC course work coming? Have you launched your product?

    To your success,


  6. Nice post Simon. Saves loads of time.