Poor Design but Good Customer Service

Why is it that watch designers come up with really good looking watch with a very nice strap, but when you need to replace the strap it is impossible to find a replacement strap that is the same as the original.  I spent most of the day going from one watch repairer to another and from one Jeweller to another trying to find a strap that would 1, fit the watch and 2 look right on the watch.  i even looked on the manufactures website before starting out and they didn’t have anything  that would do the job! After many fruitless conversations withshop assistants, I ended up returning to the first shop and getting the only strap that they had that would fit, problem was that the colour is black and the original strap was mid brown and to say that the black strap looks wrong is an understatement.

However there was one really good thing about my experience and that was every shop assistant was extremely helpful in trying to resolve my problem to the point of suggesting other places I might try.  They all had smiles on their faces and were genuinely sorry that they couldn’t supply the strap i needed.  I think it was their cheerfulness that stopped the whole exercise from turning into a nightmare and for me returning home if not totally happy but not fuming mad either.

One Response to “Poor Design but Good Customer Service”

  1. Taylor Didamo on July 9th, 2012 at 7:44 am

    Good customer service is always necessary when it comes to any type of business. I run a small business in our city and i always make sure that we give great customer service in our valued customers. “;””`