Update on Yesterday’s post

Well having put my plan for the day on here yesterday, it made me accountable for getting it done and it certainly worked. I got everything on the list done, I must admit that there is something to be said about constructrive destruction as I spent I good couple of hours cutting down all the dead and old stuff in the garden, and while the garden now looks a bit bare, in a few weeks it will be back stronger and better.

So as yesterday was such a success here is todays list

1 Having cleared all the old stuff away yesterday it is now time to get rid of the weeds in the back garden. Unfortunately this will have to bedone with weedkiller.

2 Another round of leaflet dropping for my E-Lottery business

3 I have just realised that it is Friday and I haven’t done anything for week seven of the masterclass so that is for today.

4 Read the emails that have come in from my list builders (please see earlier post on list building)

5 Send emails on those list builders.

6 Do my viral networks DMO. This is certainlt working as I have only been doing it for a week and I am already in the top 25 which means I am in line for a share of the viral networks revenue at the end of the month. Providing I stay in the top 25.

One Response to “Update on Yesterday’s post”

  1. Hi Simon,

    Very interesting post indeed … I know so very little about the lottery! Yet, of course, it would be absolutely lovely to win … somehow. You most certainly have a unique angle here!!

    Thanks for pulling us away from all the ‘marketing stuff’ so we can dream about winning … something … big 🙂

    – a fellow MC student –