How Lucky Am I?

Last night I was sitting out on the patio until well past midnight, when I became aware of just how lucky I am. I mean I live about a mile from Wolverhampton city centre and there I was watching a couple of hedgehogs hunting for food in my garden and listening to a pair of owls who were in nextdoors trees. Most people do not have the time to be able to appreciate these things and until a few months ago I was one of those people, then I lost my job and felt all upset and mad and what have you. But last night made me realise just how fortunate I really am to have the time to do what I want when I want and how I want, and that I do not want to go back into a corporate work enviroment. So from today it is all guns blazing to make the most of the online oppotunities I am already involved in and to stop playing at them but to work them properly so that I can enjoy more nights like last night.

I would really like to thank Victoria aka vixen37 on Twitter for a very nice tweet she sent to me which kind of jumped started the whole thinking process.

4 Responses to “How Lucky Am I?”

  1. Hi Simon,

    Thank you for sharing your thoughts. I have found that the more gratitude I feel for what I have RIGHT now, the more things will appear in my life that I can feel grateful for.

    With gratitude,

  2. Hi Simon,

    Really glad your perspective has changed. Sometimes things are thrown at to kick us onto the track we should be on, otherwise we’d just stay where we are ‘put up and shut up’. Good luck!

    Enjoy the journey.


  3. Hi Simon,

    Glad to hear you got the jump start you needed, its all there for the tacking if we are only willing enough to get up and go get it, we all can do it, so go get it buddy, how sweet will the birds sound when you a sitting out on your porch and making money at the same time.

    We really are lucky, if i may suggest go and have a look at my post in regards to the same subject.

    Keep up the great work



  4. Hi Simon
    Last winter I too used to have a regular visit from a hedgehog who would come around every night and eat the food left out for the cat. I havn’t seen him for a while but I enjoyed his visit. I dont know what the lifecycle of a hedgehog is, I suppose if he survived the winter he should have returned?
    Sorry to hear about your job I hope it turns out to be a blessing in disguise.