The Characteristics Of Successful People

All of the most successful people share certain characteristics or habits in how they live, and the good news is that these can be learnt.  We can learn how to be successful!  whether that is being successful in our personal lives or to become a successful entrepreneur.

1. They have a clear understanding of who they are. They know what are their best skills and abilities, they also know very clearly their likes and dislikes. They have taken time and money to full discover this and then use it to great effective in their lives.

2. They know that they and only they are responsible for their successes and failures, they do not blame the government, their spouse, the economy etc. They accept 100% responsibilty for every thing that happens in their lives and if something happens that they don’t like they make changes.

3. They have a very clear and precise definition of how they want their lifes to be, in six months, a year, 5 years time. It is with this vision that they are able to make clear cut decisions on what action to take next.

4 They also have a very clear reason why they want that goal, and the reason is always emotional, meaningful and fundamental.

5. They do not let themselves get distracted away from achieving the goal that they have set, they only focus on the one or two activities that will help achieve their goals.

6. They are able to detach themselves from the situation and become an observer. This gives them a clear perspective on their lives.

7. They have an ability to face up to their fears, be they real or imagined, with strength. They operate out of a place of positive strength using facts and observations to over come fear.

8. They are gracious and thankful, not just on a polite personal level, but at a more spiritual / subconscious level.

9. They know that there will be bumps and knows along the road, and have the resilience to persevere and not to give up at the first sign of trouble.

10. They are honest with themselves and the world around them, this deep seated honesty come from truly knowing themselves and their purpose.

We can all learn / improve each of these characteristics in our own lives and the better we become at each so our success will increase.

8 Responses to “The Characteristics Of Successful People”

  1. Brilliant, Simon, it’s all about passion, isn’t it.

    Enjoy the journey.


  2. Simon Egan-Smith on June 25th, 2009 at 11:12 pm

    yes it is passion and also self belief

    have a great life


  3. Hi Simon,

    Great post all the way around. It’s one of those lists that should be hung up next to the desk 🙂

    Many Thanks,

  4. Hi Simon

    Very helpful post.

    The key for me (and I suspect, a lot of other people) is no 5, avoiding distractions is so difficult when we are constantly bombarded from all sides by new information and ideas but it is essential if we are to achieve our goals.

    Good luck and congratulations on an excellent blog


  5. Nancy Anderson on June 30th, 2009 at 12:39 am

    Good points! I’m following you on twitter

  6. Hi Simom
    Excellent post. I agree with Svenja, its a list to have next to your desk,
    cheers for sharing

  7. Hi Simon,

    Ihave to agree with Stuart, my no 1 failing is distraction, and i find it hard to focus sometimes, great post!


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