Finding the Time For Your Article Marketing

Over the last few posts I have been talking about how Article Marketing is a great method of generating targeted free traffic to your website.

Today I want to cover the answer to the most asked question I get about Article Marketing. “How do I find the time to write good articles when I am so busy?”.

Generating Extra Time

Everyone from the President of the United States to those living in the shanty towns found around the world, has exactly the same 24 hours in the day, no more and no less.  It doesn’t matter who you are you cannot change this fact.  What matters is how we use this precious commodity of time.

Now if we have set ourselves a new priority, (and Article Marketing should be a priority, if we have a website), we also then need to set what Brian Tracey calls a posteriority. That is an item, tasks etc. that we are no longer going to do, so that we can work on our new priority, in our case Article Marketing.

What kind of things can we set as a posteriority?  We could get up an hour earlier, but only really works if we are spending to much time in bed in the first place.

Do we spend too much time surfing the net searching for the next big opportunity or course that is going to make all the difference to our lives?

We all have something that we currently do that we could stop doing or at least reduce the amount of time we spend on it.

In my particular case it was (and to some extent still is) watching too much television.  By reducing the amount of television I watched by an hour a day and spending that time on my new priorities I gained an extra two weeks per year, in fact it is 15 24 hour days plus a little bit.  And I do not miss the TV that I was watching one little bit.  Now I still watch some TV so as to keep up with various news items and some documentaries.

Please do not fall into the trap I nearly got caught in, I had successfully cut down on the TV only to start wasting that gained time on Facebook etc.

If you do just one thing after reading this post, pick one item that you can easily set as a posteriority and then start to use that time for your Article Marketing, it will pay you back several times over.

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