2010 a year in review (maybe)

I was going to review the year that has just gone but having spent the last hour trying to remember what has happened and when and not being able to come up with anything concrete, I must conclude that either I live a very boring life or I have a C!!! memory. And I am not certain which I those reasons I prefer!

What I do remember is that the really cold start to the year with the heavy snow caused absolute havoc with the countries transport, and more than a little consternation for me as over 30% of the shrubs in my garden were killed off in that cold snap.

We then had very warm and dry Spring and Early Summer most of which I missed due to frequent visits to various doctors hospitals etc. This was followed by a wet late summer and Autumn which was bad for all the parents as this was the time the kids were off school and need entertaining (or so my friends tell me, not having the joys of children myself).

And now we have just had another period of traffic chaos caused by bad snow and icy conditions with many people having had their Christmas holiday plans left in tatters.

So maybe for next year I will try have even more of a bad memory if it is going to be anything like this one.

To be fair though the year in reality wasn’t all that bad, it just goes to show that it is easier for us humans to remember the bad stuff while the good is hardly remembered. Maybe that is because we more attention to the bad than the good, just look at the way the news was filled with the travel chaos over the last few weeks, reinforcing the image of how bad it was, and yet for the vast majority of people it was no more than a slight inconvenience.

Which brings me onto what I aim to do next year which is too look for the good and the positive and eliminate the negative. So here’s to a positive and fruitful 2011, wishing you all the very best for next year.


3 Responses to “2010 a year in review (maybe)”

  1. Hi Simon, the weather here has certainly caused some troubles in 2010. Hopefully we’ll have a better time of it in 2011. Good luck to you for 2011.

    Enjoy the journey.


  2. Hi Simon

    I am zahid, fellow Masterclass student.

    I am visiting other students blogs for idea’s, tips, say hello and build links.

    Its been a tough start to the year…we had snow 2 ft deep at one point..everything came to a stop.

    The site it self is looking good, some great articles and all packed with top tips to keep you on the right path.

    Keep focused on just doing a little bit everyday and it all adds up.

    Excellent work, will be coming back often.


  3. Hi Simon,

    Just thought I would pop by! 😛

    “Look for the good & the positive & eliminate the negative!”

    That is a really good motto to have for the new year!

    Some times we can have really good productive years and other years we can be frazzled.

    Last year was my frazzle year.

    This year is my focused year!

    I hope everything is going well for you & you are enjoying JT’s course.

    See you back here soon! 😎


    Jacinta 😀